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Working With Merry Maids is Fun!

Working With Merry Maids is Fun!


We asked one of our employees, Erika, to describe working for Merry Maids in one word. She responded “Fun.” #CleaningIsFun #CleaningIsCool

Merry Maids employees love our strong team atmosphere. Everyone contributes by working together as a squad. To stay efficient we always double-check each other’s work to make sure we get the job done properly.

Merry Maids is a good job for someone looking for a regular 9-5 schedule that will not negatively impact your social life. If you are considering working for Merry Maids, know that you will not be expected to work super late nights or early morning.

Merry Maids is not only a great place to work but also it’s a very friendly workplace. Our employees form bonds and friendships. There is a strong social network amongst our employees and they often hang out after work hours.

We asked one of our tenured employees what her responsibilities entail. She explained, “When I was cleaning, my responsibilities were to make sure the house was clean. I would double check my team member’s work and they would check mine to make sure both of our work was done properly.”

Merry Maids is a rewarding place to work be it in the office or doing the actual housecleaning. We spoke to an employee that has worked at both and she explained, “In the office it is rewarding when things run smoothly and we are able to get a lot of work done. When cleaning it is rewarding because you can see a difference in the house when you are done and the clients appreciate what we do.”

Merry Maids takes pride in a work hard, play hard environment. Our employees know that they have to work hard to see the results expected of them. That said, we have a great staff and excellent workplace social dynamic.