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Move In & Move Out Cleaning
Enjoy one less thing to worry about

Move In & Move Out Cleaning

Moving into a new home is a fun and exciting chapter in your life. It means a fresh start. It also means a lot of hard work and we want to help by taking care of the cleaning. After all, Merry Maids of Ottawa knows that when it comes to moving, there is more than enough to keep you busy without worrying about cleaning. This is why we provide move in & move out cleaning services.

Let Merry Maids of Ottawa handle the cleaning after a long day of packing or unpacking. Whether moving to a new home or saying goodbye to an old one, a Merry Maids cleaning will go a long way.

When it comes to move in and move out cleanings, since we cannot see your home before the cleaning, we will provide your quote at an hourly rate.

With Merry Maids of Ottawa, you can step into your new home and relax, knowing all cleaning is well taken care of. Here are the 3 levels of cleaning we can provide. Take a look and give us a call to book what works best for you.


All rooms
  • Vacuum floors, carpets and stairs
  • Wash all floors
  • Window sills
  • Wash baseboards
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures (we do not clean chandeliers or the inside of light fixtures)
  • Wipe door frames and beveled doors
  • Dusting the blinds
  • Remove garbage
  • Clean sinks and counters
  • Exterior of cupboards and drawers
  • Exterior of all appliances
  • Wash baseboards
  • Interior and exterior of microwave
  • Clean sinks and counters
  • Exterior of cabinets
  • Clean the toilet, bathtub and shower
  • Clean mirrors


Includes services from BRONZE, plus
  • Inside oven and fridge
  • Inside windows (screen must be removed)
  • Inside cupboards/cabinets


Includes services from BRONZE & SILVER, plus
  • Washing of the walls (all items must be removed from the wall)

Please note: We do not clean chandeliers, inside of light fixtures or move heavy or large furniture. Merry Maids of Ottawa also reserves the right to adjust a quote, if upon arrival to the home, conditions are different than discusses on the phone.